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Global Media Outreach

ISKCON Online develops, maintains and promotes
online efforts to spread Krishna consciousness
through web sites, social media, apps, email, messaging

and all things digital.


Leveraging technology to invite all people to experience Krishna Consciousness

Every day, more than 5.16 billion people spend almost 7 hours on the Internet searching for solutionss, comfort, and distraction. We meet people online as they search and explore and share with them Krishna consciousness in relevant, engaging and accessible ways.

Websites is our first site. More are in the pipeline, including

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more provide a regular stream of Krishna conscious content


Our online community provides courseware, group discussions, personal coaching and opportunities for service


We follow a three-step process.

We use digital marketing systems to attract, motivate, and nurture people on the path of bhakti-yoga.

Reach | Ads and Referrals

We attract people through advertising, referrals by devotees and organic reach through social media

Share | Bhakti Presentations

People are engaged in initial introductory webinars and online experiences that introduces the maha-mantra and basic Krishna conscious philosophy.

Grow | Online Community

Every person can then connect personally with devotees and join an online community to begin a systematic education and nurturing experience of Krishna consciousness to grow in bhakti.


Lives Transformed.

Through ISKCON Online, lives are eternally changed as people start chanting the maha-mantra,
explore bhakti yoga and develop relationships with devotees

Janus Jensen, United Kingdom 

I’ve enjoyed and benefited a lot from the offerings at Chant Now for 2 years now which have been instrumental in supporting me as a beginner on my bhakti journey. The coaches are experienced, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and it’s always a pleasure attending their classes, which always ‘lift’ me and help keep me mindful and grateful of the wonders and magic of Krishna’s universe. 

Richard Kwesi Appiah, Ghana 

In my many wanderings trying to find the truth about myself I came to Chant Now website page. And I became so much satisfied with the deep knowledge and understanding that I got. Now, I’ve gotten something bigger, Krishna, the Supreme Absolute Truth. My sincere appreciation to Prabhu Urugaya for his selfless service in helping me better understand the rudimentary philosophy of Krishna Consciousness. 

Jin Kang, Australia 

The Hare Krishna mantra changed my life in an extraordinary way. I am not so strong in my daily practice, but I am trying. However the support I get from my friends at Chant Now is invaluable. I am forever indebted! 

Let’s work together to spread Krishna Consciousness

Join our team as a volunteer or support our service with your contribution and see Krishna consciousness spread through the medium of the internet