Understanding the difference between Drip campaigns and Lead nurturing

emailer1What is the difference between Drip Campaigns and Lead Nurturing?

Drip Campaigns: (also known as Auto-Responders or Follow-Up Sequences)

Drip Campaigns are a series of emails that get sent based only on time. For example:

  1. Welcome Email – Sent on Day 0
  2. Introduction – Sent on Day 1
  3. Feature Benefits – Sent on Day 3
  4. Free Webinar – Send on Day 6

This works really well to educate customers with everything your companies offer. Some companies have over 365 follow up emails (1 for every day of the year!)

Lead Nurturing:

This is a series of emails that get sent based on what the lead has done.  For example:

  1. New lead signs up for a free eBook, email is sent with Free eBook – Sent on Day 0 (Read more http://blog.digioh.com/drip-campaigns-vs-lead-nurturing/







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