Site Director

Service Description

This position entails a number of responsibilities/roles. The Site Director will be assisted by additional staff and/or volunteers to help fulfill these responsibilities.

Editorial Director

    1. Plan and execute the daily flow of content. This includes developing and managing processes and schedules for editing, prioritizing and posting content.
  1. Categorize and organize content including archiving
  2. Identify and work with other content creators (blogs, articles, etc.) and developers (video, infographics, etc.)

Content Curator

  1. Scour sources on the Web for the articles, news, developments, and resources that our audience will find interesting.
  2. Employ tools that help streamline the task of finding and sharing good content.

Content Creator

  1. Create introductory copy, teasers and other content for articles
  2. Create newsletters and other email communications for our audience
  3. Write personal blog for our audience

Content Syndicator

  1. Manage the sharing of our content with third-party sites or in social media—either in full (in partnership with other compatible Web properties) or as a link or teaser (such as on social media platforms liked Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, or through tools like Outbrain.)

Promotion and Marketing director

  1. In addition to syndication, promote site through communications on Facebook, LInkedin and other channels.
  2. Reach out to devotee networks to encourage participation.

Content Analyst

  1. Review analytics to determine how our audience is reacting.

Audience Responder

  1. Monitor and respond to user comments on site and social media
  2. Respond to user enquiries

Website Manager

  1. physically put content onto the website, or uploads it to YouTube
  2. ensure that our website works, in other words: ensuring functionality, handling software and platform updates, monitoring and assessing website performance, updating content.


This position is estimated to require about 10-15 hours per week. It may be combined with similar services to create a full-time position.


We are looking for someone with:

  1. a good understanding of the needs, interests and concerns of our target audience
  2. good relational skills with connections to the broader ISKCON community
  3. excellent English communication skills
  4. excellent website research skills
  5. background or experience in copywriting and journalism
  6. experience with or ability to learn and use content curation tools
  7. basic familiarity with WordPress
  8. basic familiarity with Google analytics


This position can be filled either working from home or in our Mayapur office. If working from home, then the devotee will be required to have suitable computer equipment, fast Internet connection and phone service, which if necessary may be provided by ISKCON Online. Since we are setting up a support office in Sri Mayapur, we are especially looking for devotees who are either currently residing or willing to relocate to Sri Mayapur.


ISKCON Online has a limited start up budget funded by donations. Thus we must be mindful of expenses on devotee stipends. In this spirit we will working with the devotee engaged in this position to make arrangements to provide for their needs.


We aim to assign this position no later than September 30, 2015 and be operational as soon as possible after that.


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