Modify any website in real-time

Modify any website in real-time

Modify any website in real-timeSave your mod and Share it with the world. Agencies & Freelancers Simplify your workflow Drop the screenshots and let your clients view real-time edits to their website by providing them with a unique URL of the modified version. Sales & Marketing Increase conversion rates A customer who sees […]

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3 Critical Questions in Building a Solid Sales Strategy Foundation

This blog presents three critical questions Christian business owners should ask themselves in order to start building a solid sales strategy foundation.

Many times, our sales plateau. We can’t seem to increase sales, no matter what we do. There could be many reasons for this, but as referenced in the Book of Matthew 7:24-27, I believe the first step in building a solid sales strategy foundation is to spend time with your team and review your company’s marketing message.


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