Introducing ISKCON Online – A Presentation by Gopal Bhatta dasa

A presentation introducing ISKCON Online, an initiative pushing forward the idea of moving a large percentage of ISKCON`s Outreach efforts to the fertile online space.It also explains the vision, mission, and strategies of the ISKCON Online initiative and how this project will support, gather talent, and give training to ISKCON members who want to take advantage of the internet for their outreach efforts.The second part of the presentation at 1:00:30 brings forth ideas for future website projects which will be produced after talent is gathered.






2 responses to “Introducing ISKCON Online – A Presentation by Gopal Bhatta dasa”

  1. Krishna Gopal das avatar

    Good luck with the effort. I must say this is well over due. I see your main challenges are.
    1. Unified commitment between ISKCON the organization, Temples, BBTs and GBCs (buy in)
    2. An egalitarian monetary contribution by all parties – otherwise the effort is just “another project”
    3. A standardization, raking or “certification” of existing sites (in some cases elimination)
    Your Servant,
    Krishna Gopal das

  2. gate borsası avatar

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