Don’t follow RankBrain brain; follow your readers’

rankbrain1Quite often we get caught up in following search engine logic in order to get higher SEO rank but we forget that if these search engines change their algorithm, we may end up losing practically everything in terms of SEO ranking. This is why it is important to read your readers’ brain more than search engines’

“RankBrain and Google RankBrain Optimization (GRO) became a huge topic of debate and conflicting information within the industry. Even though nobody knew RankBrain was live for months before the Bloomberg article was published, we suddenly had a glut of RankBrain experts overnight who knew how it worked better than people within Google.

For every “5 Ways to Optimize for Google RankBrain,” there would be a counterargument that “Google says you there is no way to optimize for RankBrain.” Except, if you believe…”  Read full at







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