Create a “Don’t Do” List and Increase your Productivity

Daniel Pink’s Don’t Do list is something that undoubtedly makes one rethink his or her strategy towards productivity. We may be confident in what we do but there always are thieves around. By “thieves” I mean those unidentified obstacles that we run into while chasing our goal. They take away our time and efficiency without out knowledge. 


“When I got my first job, I was given one piece of advice over and over again: Say yes. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, raise your hand for side projects, and generally go above and beyond.

Going above in your role is a great way to learn and grow. But sometimes, saying no is just as important.

First things first. You’re no doubt familiar with the to-do list. For some, that list is a source of motivation: “Only 10 more follow-up emails to send before I can leave for the day!”

For others, that list is a source of dread: “I’ll never get all of this done.”

Whichever camp you fall into, there’s one tool that will make your to-do list even more valuable: the “to-don’t” list.

Click below to read how interestingly he makes a shift and identifies the unknown obstacles:






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