Think you are a WordPress genius? Test here

wordpress1Are you a Regular Joe, a Code Norris or something in between? Leveling up your skills means pushing WordPress beyond its basic default settings. And you know what? Once you get started exploring WordPress’ advanced features, it’s hard to stop! Here are some of our favorite blog posts to help you get started.

The WordPress configuration file, also known as wp-config.php, is most frequently used to set up a database connection and is then forgotten. Despite its neglected nature, it is a powerhouse of features and opportunities for optimization.

While you don’t typically use the config file on a day-to-day basis, I’m betting that almost every WordPress install could benefit from adding a couple of things to this file. A well thought out config file can not only make a website faster and more secure, it can also add features like the ability to empty the trash more frequently, or disabling features such as revisions and offer advanced debugging capabilities.

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