Who sells more – Your sales head or your Affiliate program?

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for promoting your product online, you might have implemented, or at least given a thought to using affiliate marketing.  If you are none of the two, you are missing out on a time-tested, powerful  marketing tool.

affiliate-marketing2Did you know that a recent finding by Forrester Consulting says by 2016 the total affiliate spending is set to touch USD 4.5 billion? If you know it, the next question is, why?  Starting from house wives to bloggers, and government employees to your next door businessman, affiliate marketing has benefited millions and has earned literally billions for them. Mind you, primarily we are talking about affiliate spending here. The reason I refer to people earning from it is, their earning is directly connected to those spending on it. Starting from 1%, there are marketers who offer up to 60-70% or even more commissions, and the rest is for themselves that come along with the benefit derived from, what I would call “word of space” instead of the traditional, word of mouth.  In other words, internet search engines do the work.

While affiliate programs took a decisive turn only in 1994, it was in 1989 that PC Flowers and Gifts took its marketing to the internet and engaged Prodigy’s network to start marketing. Today affiliate marketing has become part of practically every e-commerce website’s header or footer. Some websites are exclusively meant for promoting affiliate marketing. Offering widgets and deep links has become a latest trend to easily automatize sales and seasonal promotions.

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