Mission, Vision and Principles

Our Mission Statement

We deliver the Hare Krishna Movement through Internet and mobile technologies. We use innovation, creativity, systems and technology to deliver engaging and relevant online content, personal services, quality products and fulfilling experiences. We connect, cultivate, nurture, convert and serve people on their path back to Godhead with love and compassion.

Our Vision

We envision a global network of creative, enthusiastic and trained devotees, using creativity and technology to  create and maintain a rich, diverse and attractive online world of websites, communities, courses and products that are serving the spiritual needs of people throughout the world with relevant and relatable content and nurturing their awareness, interest, and engagement in Krishna consciousness.

We see:

  • Effective and attractive content – A deep understanding and capacity to create content, design and branding that is both attractive, relevant, and relatable and fully faithful to Srila Prabhupada.
  • A rich online world – A broad universe of websites, online channels, social media pages, online communities, mobile apps (and whatever new places show up in the future online world) that attract millions of daily visitors, engage their interests and keep them coming back.
  • Dynamic spiritual marketing – Using the techniques, tools and systems of modern marketing and contact relationship management to reach targeted audiences, nurture their interest, win the ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) and bring them forward in the “faith” funnel.
  • Countering negativity –Expert use of content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to overwhelm any negative impressions of Krishna consciousness on the Internet with positive content.
  • Strong analytics – A craftsman’s approach to fine-tuning our efforts through in-depth analytics.
  • Virtual learning environments – A wide range of systematic, easy to follow, online educational courseware and other products that serve people interested in learning about Krishna consciousness, bhakti-yoga, Vedic culture and anything else of value we have to teach.
  • Physical products – Complimentary physical products, including books, DVDs, kits, produced and delivered through our own and affiliated organizations
  • Virtual “distributors” –  Making the online streets and markets of the world a prominent venue for ISKCON’s outreach, with devotees heading to their computer screens with the same or better level of tools, products, support and enthusiasm as today’s book distributors.
  • Online mentoring – Trained, organized and supported teams of online mentors ready to give personal association and create supportive communities for every person that takes a step forward on the path of Krishna consciousness.
  • Sustaining revenues – A variety of revenue streams coming from people who find substantial value in what we offer, and are happy to contribute, purchase and subscribe to the extent that our efforts are both sustainable and growing.
  • Progressive culture – A culture of being a learning organization, agile, adaptive and progressive
  • Collaboration technologies – Leadership and organization supported by virtual office and workgroup collaboration systems
  • Global volunteer base – Facilitating and engaging volunteers as much as practical to achieve the best possible results.
  • Regional connectivity – A distributed approach using regional and language groupings coupled with core central services
  • Personalization– A dynamic, synergistic relationship between the world of face to face and online outreach interaction.
  • Expert Internet servants – The capacity and framework to guide and support ISKCON’s online presence in every sphere towards more effective outreach and global influence. 

Key Principles

Our network is guided by two core principles that direct our decision-making:

Core Spiritual Principle– Our constant prayer is to only be an instrument in the hands of Sri Guru and Gauranga. This mood, combined with all the humility at our command, permeates our consciousness.

Core Operational Principle – Utilize creativity and technology in the service of ISKCON’s mission.

Other key principles include:

  • A “Learning Universe” – Network-wide development of state-of-the-art understandings of all disciplines
  • Integrity of messages – Relevant, relatable AND faithful to Srila Prabhupada
  • Relationship building – within our network, with ISKCON leaders and preachers, and with ISKCON and the various souls we are connecting to
  • Added Value – We are “in the business” of providing ISKCON with “added value” – we want to help, we want to serve.
  • Within and without – As members of ISKCON, we are “within” ISKCON”.  Yet when we gather in this universe, we view ISKCON and its activities from arms-length, leaving at the door some of the cultural elements of ISKCON that are not effective in this sphere, while picking up other cultural elements that are required to exist in this universe.

Development of Core Competencies and a Culture of Education

Our network will develop various core competencies and promote a culture of educating ourselves towards personal and group mastery.

Our core competencies include:

  • The Faith Funnel – using marketing principles to develop a deep understanding of the stages people go through in their path to Krishna
  • Being relevant and relatable for our target audiences
  • Understanding the principle of ZMOT (the Zero Moment of Truth) and how to win in the spiritual marketplace
  • Overall marketing expertise – performance marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing and so on
  • Willingness and capacity to re-imagine nearly everything
  • Comprehensive and meaningful research
  • Expert product design
  • The Creative Process – Preparation, incubation, intimation, illumination, verification
  • Synergy, connectivity
  • Change management
  • Maintaining energy and focus over inertia
  • Discipline