Revitalizing Companies in the Digital Age


In the business world the digital era has unleashed a far reaching tsunami that many are still trying to understand and come to terms with. Almost on a daily basis the rules of the game for doing business are changing and we have to struggle to keep up with the fast moving, constantly changing landscape. This has had a colossal impact in the workplace, and nowhere more so than in the so called traditional sectors: to succeed in this new era, big organizations that up to now have been profitable and leading examples in their areas of business for decades are confronted with the need for swift, radical change.

“Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age” is the latest addition to BBVA’s annual series dedicated to analyzing the major issues of our time. As always the principal idea behind our series of books is the desire to understand and help people understand the powerful forces that are influencing our world. Over the past six years our books have dealt with the many interrelated subjects of the digital age: Technological and social change, big data, innovation and the new behaviors and preferences of societies.”.








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